Coach Dan Mullen sees no finish line in sight

Through all episodes of Extraordinary Happens to date, we’ve uncovered a certain formula for success. If you’re pursuing greatness, it’s not just a commitment, it’s a lifestyle. 

In 2008, Dan Mullen took over a losing program in the toughest conference in college football. By 2014, Mississippi State was one of the best programs in the league. That year, Dan led the team to its first No. 1 ranking in school history and since then, he’s continued to shape the Bulldogs into national contenders season after season. 

Just two days away from the opening game of his eighth season at Mississippi State, Dan shared the inspiring mentality that has led him to this point. 

“Successful people, as soon as they accomplish one goal, they’re immediately looking to start the next goal … Because there is no finish line when you’re successful and you have that drive within you.” –Dan Mullen

If you look at Dan’s resume, his success is evident. But it’s his journey – one he’s still building – that is truly remarkable. 

“The key to success is not that arrival. It’s the journey itself. You don’t just arrive at success, because if you do, you have no idea how to stay there or how you got there and how to continue to be successful. All the lessons you learn on your journey are what make you successful.” –Dan Mullen

Dan’s hard work is taken to the next level through long-term commitment, a willingness to make sacrifices and by establishing accountability for himself and those around him. 

“It starts with accountability, but when you have accountability, you can then have trust within an organization. When you have trust within an organization, you’re going to achieve things you never thought possible or new heights that have never been reached before.” –Dan Mullen

“There’s no shortcut to the top … If you want to climb to the ultimate top of the mountain you have to make sacrifices. If you can live your life and you can understand that, you’re going to embrace the journey of success.” –Dan Mullen

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Lauren Grancio