Casey Wasserman is always moving forward

In sports, it’s easy to get consumed by the games, the competition, the players, the coaches and even the environment. These are the tangible elements that get us excited. But when you take a deeper look, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to drive the business of sports.

One of those drivers is Casey Wasserman – the founder and CEO of a sports agency powerhouse and chairman of LA 2024, the bid to bring the Olympics to Los Angeles. Casey’s influence on the sports industry is immeasurable. He spends very little time looking back, which allows him to consistently work toward the next big thing.

“I don’t believe success happens in a moment – it happens slowly over a long period of time and to achieve that, you have to be in the game and continue to push forward and create opportunities.” –Casey Wasserman

Casey idolized his grandfather Lew Wasserman, one of the most iconic businessmen in entertainment. His family name is one of extraordinary prominence, but for Casey, it isn’t about the legacy of his name. Life is about jumping in with both feet to carve your own path.

“I wanted to create my own reputation. I didn’t want my career to be judged by my last name and my grandfather’s legacy. For me to do it in a different industry was a unique opportunity and if I got a bad reputation, I would have earned it and if I got a good reputation, hopefully I would have earned it, too – but I didn’t want it to be artificially judged.” –Casey Wasserman

While the Wasserman name was grounded in entertainment, Casey discovered his passion in sports – and the business behind sports – at a very young age. He loved the front office just as much as he loved watching from the sidelines.

“I think the most important thing is to find your passion and work as hard as you can to pursue it … if you find what you’re passionate about, I think your life will be substantially better and the harder you work at it the more success you’ll have.” –Casey Wasserman

Listen to my conversation with Casey here. 

Lauren Grancio