Candace Parker is never too prepared

Nobody wants to fail, but if you want to do great things, you’re going to have setbacks every so often. Failure is a requirement of success and it's how you handle and learn from your failures that makes all the difference. 

Candace Parker knows the importance of examining her weaknesses. The two-time WNBA MVP uses what she learns to become the best version of herself. Candace is a basketball icon, women’s sports trail blazer and – most importantly – is unafraid of failure. In fact, she uses it to her advantage. 

“The biggest thing is your mindset and just how you handle failures and obstacles and things that are thrown your way – whether it be something major like an injury or whether it be something as minor as having an off-shooting night. [You have to] study how people are able to bounce back and continue to stay true to their talents and also improve their weaknesses … I think that’s been the biggest thing in my maturity as a player – being okay with not succeeding and doing something about it and challenging yourself to put the time in to get better at it.” – Candace Parker

Candace maximized the intangibles – mindset, positive attitude, work ethic and passion – to set the foundation for becoming one of the most decorated basketball players in the history of the game. Candace’s success comes not from her jump shot or defensive prowess, but from how she prepares. 

“You want to be confident – not in your abilities – but in your preparation … I haven’t always been confident. When things don’t go right right away, I doubt myself … I put the time in and I’ve taken the necessary steps to prepare for this game … then the results will take care of themselves. If they don’t, you learn from it.” – Candace Parker

Candace didn’t become the face of women’s basketball by thinking about the past or anticipating the future. Her only focus is today.  

“A lot of people are never in the present – they’re always in the future or the past. But you have to stay present in order to be at your best.” – Candace Parker

Listen to my conversation with Candace here. 

Lauren Grancio