Ordinary people can do extraordinary things

Robin Arzon graduated magna cum laude from NYU and Villanova School of Law. After seven years in law, she changed course and started a new career in fitness. Today she’s a certified running coach, personal trainer and bestselling author. She has so many incredible things to say about pursuing an extraordinary path in life. 

Here are some of the best things she told me:

Pursuing extraordinary: “I believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things…There is a stubborn willingness to keep showing up. Champions just keep showing up. The star athletes and the people we admire in the public space, they keep showing up. That hunger is really at the core. I discover that and I polish that. I think willpower is a muscle that can be fatigued, but you can also really strengthen it.”

Finding balance: “I don’t think everything requires balance all the time. Sometimes you go through periods of time where you know you are going all in and that doesn’t mean you need a rest day, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t honor those moments where you need to unplug and unwind, but not everything is going to be 50/50. Sometimes things are going to fall and you have to prioritize. How badly do you want it? I think that is the more relevant question.”

Honoring yourself: “You are one of one. You’re a limited edition, so when you approach people who you admire or you’re encountering a sticky situation, professionally or personally, really honor that you are a limited edition and you should treat yourself accordingly. Build a life that honors that.”

Listen to my conversation with Robin here. 

Lauren Grancio