Mason Crosby: Adversity makes you better

In 11 seasons with the Packers, Mason Crosby accomplished so many things. He kicked a 52-yard field goal in his first preseason game. In the 2011 Super Bowl, he kicked a field goal with two minutes left in the fourth quarter, leading the Packers to a win. 

Mason’s had a lot of success, but he’s also had challenges. 2012 was a tough year and what he learned that season is more meaningful than any field goal he’s ever kicked. Mason’s biggest lesson: Adversity makes you better.

“Football is a game. It is my job, it’s what I love to do, but it doesn’t define me. It’s not who I am and I needed to have that shift. Through the hardest year of my life on the football field came so many positives, so many things that I draw from every day and make sure that I improve on every day. I look at 2012, in that time, it was so difficult. It was something I never would want to go through again. I look at it now and I think of it as nothing but a positive time in my life. [I’m] thankful for it for so many reasons. I think I’ve come out of that and I’m stronger and better because of it.” – Mason Crosby, Kicker, Green Bay Packers

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