Commissioner Don Garber talks soccer in America

I started a new podcast series Extraordinary Happens to share the inspiring stories behind the people leading change in sports business today. They are stories of people finding opportunity among conflict, pushing the envelope during uncertainty and trailblazing to break through and make extraordinary things happen.  

In this episode, I talk with Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber about taking risks, working beyond your comfort zone and dreaming big. The Commissioner shares his inspiring journey of leaving the NFL to join MLS at a time when soccer was struggling in America. He came in with big aspirations and 17 years later, he’s completely reshaped the sport of soccer in this country. He’s growing the league, building infrastructure, creating new generations of players, and focusing on important relationships with teams and their communities.

“You must have a North Star and know where you want to be. And then figure out collectively how could you engender belief and support for that plan to get there. Get laser-focused on doing it and not letting yourself get afraid or pulled in the wrong direction. I think about that every day.” – Don Garber

Listen to our conversation on Extraordinary Happens. 

Lauren Grancio