Christine Day shares lessons on building brands

In the latest episode of Extraordinary Happens, I talk with Luvo CEO Christine Day who has had a remarkable career driving business and building brands that have a defined purpose. She spent 20 years at Starbucks before running Lululemon and is now as CEO of the nutrition-focused company Luvo. Recently, Christine has acted as a strategic advisor to adidas supporting our women’s business.

In this episode, Christine shares lessons from her extraordinary career, discussing the importance of a brand’s purpose to its employees and customers, how to break into new markets in meaningful ways, and the value of understanding your consumer.

“I don’t think you can have passion without a purpose. It’s what I call building a shared experience brand. When your purpose is so clear to people, they join your brand, whether they’re your employees or your customer. And when they believe in what it is that you’re trying to create, your employees overcome obstacles. And your consumers stay with you and want you to win.” – Christine Day

Listen to our conversation on Extraordinary Happens. 

Lauren Grancio