Snoop Dogg inspires young football players

This week on Extraordinary Happens, Snoop Dogg joins us to talk about his tremendous passion for football and how he’s inspiring kids through his youth league. We all know Snoop as one of the biggest names in music but hearing his stories about sports and coaching reminds me why I work in this industry.

“When I was a kid and when I played football, it just was a great way for you to learn how to work with others and how to become a teammate, a team player, because it’s never about one person in football – it’s always about the team. You learn how to defend, you learn how to be offensive, you learn how to lose, to win. You learn how to become a part of something. That stuck with me as a kid.” – Snoop Dogg

Snoop talks about the youth football league he started and now coaches in. He teaches these kids about so much more than just football – he teaches them the values of dedication, discipline and desire.

“It gives me a chance to get personal with the kids when I’m coaching a team because I get to be a part of their lives from that age where they’re adolescents to when they become grown men.” – Snoop Dogg

Snoop has led an extraordinary life by creating his own rules and having the courage to do things differently.

“I do it like I want to do it. I don’t really follow the rules and regulations. I create my own rules and regulations and just do what I feel is best, what’s on my heart.” – Snoop Dogg

Listen to my conversation with Snoop Dogg on Extraordinary Happens. 

Lauren Grancio