Sergio Garcia's drive to greatness

Golf has been one of the most important parts of my life for the last 40 years. I played in high school and college and worked at TaylorMade for 34 years before my current role at the adidas Group. Ahead of the Masters, I spoke to my good friend Sergio Garcia on Extraordinary Happens.

What really strikes me about Sergio is how he’s creating his own path and not letting others set his boundaries. People who accomplish great things do it their own way. Sergio found something in life that he has a love and passion for, and that’s something all of us should search for in whatever we do.

“I think the beautiful thing about life is that you go through so many great experiences, and you learn from good and bad experiences. As long as you take the positives out of it and you become a better person – and in this case a better player – any time you’re doing that, you’re moving forward. Fortunately for us, we get to experience so many beautiful things doing what we love.” – Sergio Garcia

Sergio started playing golf when he was three years old, and with a lot of hard work and passion, he quickly reached greatness. I asked Sergio about his early years in golf and what inspired him, and he talked about the influence his father had on him, both with playing the sport and loving the sport.

“The passion and the love that my dad gave me introducing me to the game and making me feel for the game and the respect for the game, it drove me into wanting to be better, practicing and improving every time and developing the little extra thing that I had in me. I think that love and that passion for the game and that respect for the game is what helped me to improve and become better as I went on.” – Sergio Garcia

Listen to my conversation with Sergio on Extraordinary Happens. 

Lauren Grancio