Jamal Murray says his mind is his strongest muscle

For Jamal Murray, where there’s a hoop, there’s a home. It doesn’t matter where or when – if he has a basketball in his hands, his mind is at ease. He started playing against top high school and college players when he was 12-years-old, taking the Canadian basketball scene by storm. 

Jamal was part of an incredible NBA draft class this summer and now belongs to a league of extraordinary talent. And still, he finds a way to stand out. 

“I think my mental side [makes me different]. I do a lot of meditation and a lot of breathing and thinking and seeing things slow as they happen fast. I kind of just know what is going to happen before it happens and I have to try to prepare for it. My mental side is my strongest side. It’s my best muscle and my best shot – so I try to use that to my advantage.” –Jamal Murray

The way Jamal uses his mind – at just 19-years-old – to set himself apart is inspiring. We’re all moving so fast in today’s world that I think we take mental preparation for granted. Jamal is more in tune with himself at 19 than most of us are much later on in our careers.

“I just have to make sure I’m in perfect form. I know who I’m talking to, I know where I’m at, and I have to know the situation of everything. It’s making sure I’m ready for whatever – making the most of every situation that happens.” –Jamal Murray

When you combine this kind of mentality with pure talent and love for the game, you get not just an extraordinary athlete, but an extraordinary person. 

“It’s constantly being alert and not taking breaks off, especially as a rookie. I’m just making sure I’m always working and keeping my work ethic up.” –Jamal Murray

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Lauren Grancio