How coach of the year Bob Hurley built a legacy

When I saw Bob Hurley at the ESPYS in July, I knew I had to meet him. For 45 years, he coached basketball at St. Anthony’s High School in Jersey City. He led his teams to more than 1,000 wins, five undefeated seasons and 28 state titles – more than any other high school in U.S. history. He built an incredible legacy.

For a lot of athletes, the coaches they had in their early years with sports are the ones who helped shape who they are as an athlete and who they are as a person in life. There’s no question Bob had a tremendous impact on young peoples’ lives. He produced more than 150 players to Division 1 basketball programs. Seven of his athletes went on to play in the NBA. But for Bob, it was the young people who really made the impact on him.

“The kids motivate you. Every time a new group comes into school, you would start to find so many things about the kids individually, about their personal life, about their character, about their desire to be successful, their work ethic. There wasn’t a time over the 45 years that we didn’t have kids waiting in the wings. It was a depth chart of young people that you wanted to put time in with and they inspired you. It was our privilege to have pieces of clay that you could mold.” – Coach Bob Hurley

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Lauren Grancio