Making the world a better place through sport

Sport is so much bigger than the game. It’s about hopes and dreams and doing something meaningful with your life. It brings people together like nothing else. It provides the opportunity to do something extraordinary.

Arizona State University sees sport the same way. We share a lot of the same values: We foster environments where innovation and creativity thrive, we see the world as a place to be disrupted and we have a passion for exploring the unknown. 

So, we created the adidas and Arizona State University Global Sport Alliance. We’re combining the global reach of adidas with the world-class learning resources of ASU and we have a really big aspiration to shape the future of sport. 

We’ll look at things like race and diversity, sustainability and human potential, all through the lens of sport. We’ll explore consumer behavior, cool new product materials and educational opportunities. We’ll put our findings out there and our hope is that athletes around the world can benefit from what we discover.

I talked to ASU President Dr. Michael Crow on the Extraordinary Happens podcast about our shared values and what we hope to accomplish with this new partnership. We both agree that the smallest impact sport has is on the game itself. We believe through sport, we have the power to change lives. The Global Sport Alliance puts action behind those words. We’re inspired by the possibilities ahead of us.

Lauren Grancio